“The Lives Inside the Lines in Your Hand” by Matt Pond

February 05. 2013 | By Sarah Braverman

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Matt Pond
The Lives Inside the Lines in Your Hand
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It’s a new name. A new record label. A new era? Matt Pond’s latest release marks a fresh start. After performing and producing music under matt pond PA since 1998, The Lives Inside the Lines in Your Hand is a break from the past and a solo plunge into the future. Don’t fret – Matt Pond’s earthy grooves and organic lyrics haven’t left us. He’s merely evolved and morphed into… well, into himself.

The record’s first single, “Love To Get Used” is more upbeat than previous Pond, but his knack for reflection and interpretation resounds. Following suit, “Go Where The Leaves Go” takes us on a journey flying high in the sky, bathing in sunlight, and drifting though canyons. Following the seasons as a leaf sounds pretty wonderful, but Pond reminds us that we’re stuck as “Human Beings.” Still, the title track teaches us that being trapped in our finite earthly bodies isn’t a dead end; there’s a world inside the lines of your hands and a whole mess of worlds connected to that.

Chew on that for a while, and go get your introspective thinking on.

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