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Album Reviews“Bright Fire” by The Honey Trees
April 08. 2014 | By Sarah Braverman

“Bright Fire” by The Honey Trees

The Honey Trees release debut album after four years of work and magic making.

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DiscoveryHEAR THIS: Dustin Tebbutt
February 14. 2014 | By Sarah Braverman

HEAR THIS: Dustin Tebbutt

Let the soothing sounds of Aussie Dustin Tebbutt wash over you, cleansing your soul and renewing your heart.

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Album Reviews“The Green” by Bibio
January 28. 2014 | By Sarah Braverman

“The Green” by Bibio

Musical enigma, Bibio, weaves together old and new sounds in latest EP, The Green.

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Album Reviews“Lonely Ones” by Graham Colton
January 14. 2014 | By Sarah Braverman

“Lonely Ones” by Graham Colton

Graham Colton returns to his Oklahoma roots to step out of his comfort zone on Lonely Ones.

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DiscoveryHEAR THIS: Airhead
July 26. 2013 | By Sarah Braverman

HEAR THIS: Airhead

Rob McAndrews, aka Airhead, shows it’s okay to go your own way.

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DiscoveryHEAR THIS: Lorde
July 25. 2013 | By Sarah Braverman


Good Lorde, this teenager has pipes!

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DiscoveryHEAR THIS: Red Aces
July 22. 2013 | By Sarah Braverman


Red Aces want a rock revolution. “The End” is near.

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Album Reviews“Glimmers” by Them Swoops
July 16. 2013 | By Sarah Braverman

“Glimmers” by Them Swoops

Melbourne duo Them Swoops releases debut EP.

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