DiscoveryHEAR THIS: Yohuna
September 22. 2016 | By Dustin Ragucos


Yohuna takes you through the most beauteous of dreams.

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DiscoveryHEAR THIS: The Knitts
September 20. 2016 | By Jason Martinez

HEAR THIS: The Knitts

These LA garage rockers’ tunes are like your drunk friend: rough around the edges, but completely lovable.

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DiscoveryHEAR THIS: Mothers
September 20. 2016 | By Wayne Jessup

HEAR THIS: Mothers

Meet Mothers. The latest Nest staple hailing from Athens, GA.

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DiscoveryHEAR THIS: Wolkoff
August 23. 2016 | By Dustin Ragucos

HEAR THIS: Wolkoff

Wolkoff is perfect for those who want to jump into life’s glitches.

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DiscoveryHEAR THIS: Hockey Dad
August 12. 2016 | By Mayumi Okamoto

HEAR THIS: Hockey Dad

Meet Hockey Dad. The Australian duo who is all about rolling through good times basking in a carefree and slightly reckless glow of life.

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DiscoveryHEAR THIS: Quiet Hollers
August 02. 2016 | By Dustin Ragucos

HEAR THIS: Quiet Hollers

Leave your memories behind like old towns and listen to Quiet Hollers.

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DiscoveryVIDEO PREMIERE: “White Veil” by FACIAL
August 02. 2016 | By Leslie Hampton


The guys from Facial give us a little insight into their battle with insidious forces of evil in their new video “White Veil.”

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DiscoveryHEAR THIS: Tired Lion
July 21. 2016 | By Dustin Ragucos

HEAR THIS: Tired Lion

Join the pride. Hear the grunge of Tired Lion.

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