DiscoveryHEAR THIS: Pardoner
August 18. 2017 | By Collin Welbon

HEAR THIS: Pardoner

Describing Pardoner as alternative is like having heart surgery and calling it a doctor’s appointment.

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DiscoveryHEAR THIS: Jen Cloher
August 14. 2017 | By Wayne Jessup

HEAR THIS: Jen Cloher

With her new self-titled LP, Jen Cloher spreads her wings beyond Australia with a love letter to her homeland.

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DiscoveryHEAR THIS: Haunted Summer
August 06. 2017 | By Wayne Jessup

HEAR THIS: Haunted Summer

Haunted Summer returns with new single “Every Step,” and a stop at the Elbo Room on 8/8 with Avi Buffalo.

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DiscoveryHEAR THIS: Jigsaw Youth
August 04. 2017 | By Collin Welbon

HEAR THIS: Jigsaw Youth

These three females from NYC will scream their way into your heart.

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DiscoveryHEAR THIS: Fortunes.
July 27. 2017 | By Mayumi Okamoto

HEAR THIS: Fortunes.

Melbourne’s Fortunes. will draw you into their lair of cool with their chill electronic vibe with a laid back R&B undertone.

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DiscoveryHEAR THIS: The Districts
July 26. 2017 | By Dustin Ragucos

HEAR THIS: The Districts

The Districts might jump from genre to genre, but the explosiveness is the same.

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DiscoveryHEAR THIS: Porcelain Raft
July 24. 2017 | By Wayne Jessup

HEAR THIS: Porcelain Raft

Porcelain Raft forsakes the easy hook for a deeper approach and the payoff culminates with repeated listens.

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DiscoveryHEAR THIS: Bettie Serveert
July 24. 2017 | By Wayne Jessup

HEAR THIS: Bettie Serveert

Dutch indie rockers Bettie Serveert refuse to quit, marking over 25 years with new LP Damaged Good.

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