About Us

What is this magical thing you call The Owl Mag?
A handcrafted music blog established way back in 2005, we’ve been unearthing diamonds and amassing credibility in the music world ever since. Use us for genius music reviews, brilliant ticket giveaways, water cooler dialogue, or break-time browsing. Spend some time with us. We know we’ll get along famously.

Some say we’re a bronze medal music publication and gold medal drinkers.

Why are you called The Owl Mag?
Owls are nocturnal and wise, like our readers.

Will you listen to our new song/album?
Are you the band? Are you PR for our new favorite band? Are you a die-hard fan of the band and think they deserve some Owl love? Doesn’t matter. The quickest way to be heard by us is by sending digital streams of your music to Sean. If you have an EP/LP that hasn’t been released yet but is in the pipeline, your music will be considered for an album review. If your EP/LP has already dropped, your music will be considered for one of our other features. You’ll hear from us if we are able to feature your band.

Will you come check out our show?
If you’d like to let us know about an upcoming show, contact Editors. However, please note that most of the shows we cover are requested by staff. We rarely assign shows.

Will you feature our band?
Most of our feature stories are assigned by our Editors, but our Owl ears are always open to any tips you have. If you have feature requests unrelated to album and show reviews, contact Editors

Are you looking for writers or photographers?
Not at the moment, but check back here soon.


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