ALBUM REVIEW: “Beautiful Day” by Vassy

April 30. 2012 | By Jamie Lynn

Beautiful Day
[Ultra Records]

We love quirky, but not too quirky. We like to hear the familiar, but not too familiar lest we expire of boredom. Praise Elvis then, for Vassy, the gorgeous Australian import. If you watch TV, you’ve heard her voice; the track “Desire” is in a Victoria’s Secret ad, and other TV shows you may (not) watch. The track is reminiscent of Kylie Minogue or Goldfrapp in all the good ways: killer beat, throaty voice, and chorus that hooks in and stays in your head for days.

The very next track is “Bliss,” and it is the same voice over a pop confection of happy go lucky confessions. “Could This Be Love” is a crazy blend of hip hop and tribal drumming that shouldn’t work in theory, but Vassy pulls it all together and has you moving right along. Clearly, the pattern is there is no pattern. Different vocal styles, beats, and genres get tossed in and around like “empty the crisper” veggie salad; you’re not sure it will work, but what the hell — and then you’re pleasantly surprised it tastes pretty good. Vasiliki Karagiorgios loves music and it shows on her second full length album Beautiful Day.

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