Beats Antique @ The Fillmore, SF 11/16/13

November 20. 2013 | By Jeff Spirer

Musical act? Vaudeville theater? Dance band? Burning Man redux? When Beats Antique is on stage, it’s all of that and more.

Starting with its three members – David Satori, playing guitar, melodica, keyboards, violin, trumpet and probably a few instruments we missed; Tommy Cappel, on drums, and Zoe Jakes, belly dancing, Bali dancing, and Bollywood dancing, just making the stage beat with fantasy – Beats Antique added a plethora of singers, opener Sorne, behind-the-scenes team of artists, and even an audience member to keep the sold out Fillmore crowd on their feet.

Beats Antique @ Fillmore, SF 11/16/13

The visuals were spectacular, constantly changing and covering everything on stage from the geometric panels in front of the two musicians, a backdrop against the back wall, and the musicians themselves. Props and costumes changed constantly, including a gigantic blowup, one-eyed catlike ballon, animal masks, and Zoe’s complex exotic outfits. The effect was spellbinding.

Beats Antique @ Fillmore, SF 11/16/13

Jakes’ talent is astounding. Just listening to the band’s recorded output, it’s hard to get a feel for how the stage show impacts the audience. It’s not that the music isn’t great, but this is one band whose theatrics and music have to be considered as one, like a musical. Or, more aptly, an old-time vaudeville show with a variety of acts.

Beats Antique’s music seamlessly blends electronics, tribal beats, and gypsy, Middle Eastern, and Indian music into a rich mélange of upbeat and dark sounds. From the opening until before the encores, Beats Antique played their new album A Thousand Faces from start to finish. The music is based on Joseph Cambell’s Hero’s Journey, which explores mythology built around heroes. Themes are brought out in the music, staging, and visuals.

Beats Antique @ Fillmore, SF 11/16/13

Beats Antique @ Fillmore, SF 11/16/13

For the encores, Beats Antique pulled out some of their older and more familiar material to keep the rapt Fillmore audience until 1AM.

See more spellbinding photos of Beats Antique HERE!

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