TOUR DIARY: On the Road with Great Apes + Jahbreaker

July 07. 2017 | By Matthew Kadi

Matthew Kadi captures his tour with Great Apes en route to Montreal, including a set by the band’s alter-ego, Jahbreaker (the most amazing reggae tribute to Jawbreaker), at Pouzza Fest. All photos shot on film by Matthew.

0517 NikonEM 400trix Pouzza0517 NikonEM 400trix Pouzza60517 NikonEM 400trix Pouzza40517 NikonEM 400trix Pouzza70517 NikonEM 400trix Pouzza80517 NikonEM 400trix Pouzza90517 NikonEM 400trix Pouzza110517 NikonEM 400trix Pouzza100517 NikonEM 400trix Pouzza120517 NikonEM 400trix Pouzza140517 NikonEM 400trix Pouzza180517 NikonEM 400trix Pouzza200517 NikonEM 400trix Pouzza210517 NikonEM 400trix Pouzza290517 OlySE HP5 Pouzza0517 OlySE HP5 Pouzza20517 OlySE HP5 Pouzza40517 OlySE HP5 Pouzza60517 OlySE HP5 Pouzza80517 OlySE HP5 Pouzza100517 OlySE HP5 Pouzza130517 OlySE HP5 Pouzza140517 OlySE HP5 Pouzza150517 OlySE HP5 Pouzza160517 OlySE HP5 Pouzza190517 OlySE HP5 Pouzza180517 OlySE HP5 Pouzza220517 OlySE HP5 Pouzza230517 OlySE HP5 Pouzza240517 OlySE HP5 Pouzza250517 OlySE HP5 Pouzza290517 OlySE HP5 Pouzza300517 OlySE HP5 Pouzza27

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