The Word on Valentine’s from Darwin Deez, Kisses, The Frail, and more…

February 11. 2011 | By Tatyahna

Valentine’s Day, the day for expressing love or pouting because you got no love. You either love it or hate it. I personally am pretty fond of it, solely because every Valentine’s I’ve celebrated has been a disaster, from giving a boy food poisoning to breaking a toe on my left foot. Whether you’re lonely or need some good ideas, check out some of these bands’ Valentine’s Day stories, and share some of your own in the comment section below!

“Me and Zinzi have been going out for about 5 years. Two years ago Zinzi was living in Echo Park and I decided to create an elaborate Valentine’s Day. I woke up early and went to the Mexican supermarket and got the cheapest bacon, eggs, and pancake mix there and whipped up a delicious breakfast. The whole house was full of smoke, but the food was actually quite excellent. I also made some mimosas which was extremely classy. I also got Zinzi some flowers which she is always a big fan of. For dinner we had some pizza from Andiamo, a place that was awesome but has since closed. All in all, it was a pretty relaxed day, but I’m kind of a quiet guy who likes to stay at home and lay low. “- Jesse Kivel of Kisses

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“Once upon a time, on Valentine’s Day, I surprised my then-girlfriend at work with $100 worth of flowers. The bouquet was so huge it looked comical. She worked at the Met. Security refused to let me in. There were so many flowers; you could have hidden an AK-47 in there. Clearly that was their logic. I could barely hold them all. I figured if you’re going to get someone flowers on Valentine’s, you had better do it right. That was a one-time thing. “Oh, let me put these in water!” was unthinkable. 45 minutes on the subway with this floral abomination was not appealing, so we walked to the park and scintillated with grass and rocks and took pictures. Then we spotted another couple down the hill and tried to sneak up behind them with one of the bouquets and leave it close enough to them that they’d know it was meant to be a gift. I can’t remember if we succeeded in this or not. I think we also gave a few away to random pedestrians. Afterwards we decided to wait at a bus stop with them, and my girlfriend shyly gave some of the flowers to the bus driver and got back off. We felt full of love for the world. We broke up a year ago.” – Darwin Deez – Get his latest S/T album Feb. 22nd!

“The love of my life once gave me a sexy beat-up Red Stratocaster for Valentine’s Day.” – Jenny O.See her every Monday of the month FREE during her residency at LA’s Bootleg Theater!

“Last year for Valentine’s, we played an in-store show for Friends With You during Art Walk in Miami. The Jacuzzi Boys had a kissing booth set up too! We wrote an original song, inspired by the title of the show, “Love is Magic.” That song made it on our debut album, it’s the last track. We also brought along the acoustic guitar, and did a cover of “Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic” by the Police but changed the words to fit one of the Friends With You characters’ name. 
”Every Little Thing That Malfi Does Is Magic!'” – Cuci Amador of Afrobeta — Get the Do You Party EP here! And check them out at Ultra 2011 in Miami March 25th!

“Conceited nightmare seeks God-knows-what: Lots of ooey gooey affection available. Grossed out by people trying to hastily drag me into relationships before any sort of real connection is made. Not looking for a weird NSA anonymous fuck buddy, but for someone interested in looking beyond my initial awkward charm before they try to wife me. Oh yeah, and a guy who isn’t so dumb as to compel my friends to craft personalized demeaning nicknames for him. That too. Help.” Sierra Frost of The Downer Party‘s Craigslist ad for a V-Day date. Get tickets for their Noise Pop show at Bottom of the Hill Feb. 25th here!

“One year, I was in high school, and this girl had been calling my home nonstop and hanging up to the point where my parents were gonna kill me! So when I told her to stop calling my house, she went on a mission of V-Day love, and figured out how to get into my locker. At first I didn’t notice someone had been going through my things, but then my binder went missing and a love note appeared. Then on Valentine’s Day, I found a pair of “<3” boxers in my locker with a teddy bear and a note that said “I will have you.” Let’s just say Valentine’s Day has never been the same.” – Daniel Lannon of The Frail — Get the new Lasers Over Lovers EP March 1st.

“Valentine’s Day is a cool day for some of us, and a pretty ordinary day for the rest. My ideal Valentine’s Day would be spent with a nice, pretty girl, obviously. I guess it wouldn’t really matter what you did with that person as long as that person is special. But, at the same time, you wouldn’t want to sit at home the whole day, so doing something wouldn’t hurt. The beach is a great place to go, or you could always go to a park and have a picnic. Pretty much if you’re anywhere pleasant and outside, you’re in a good place to be on Valentine’s Day. Also, Valentine’s Day is full of candy, which is always good. If you’re mad at your boyfriend/girlfriend/husband/wife, try to save the argument for the next day, and yeah…enjoying each other’s company is pretty much the whole thing.” – Jordan Avesar of Infantree Would Work re-release out March 8th, and see them live Feb 17th at Hotel Utah, get your tickets here!

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