Outside Lands 2014 Reaction

April 09. 2014 | By Staff


One of our favorite things to do as spoiled (occasionally egotistical) writers is debate with each other. (Respectfully, of course.) Once again we take to the inbox and happily offer up our opinions about this year’s Outside Lands. One thing is certain, Yeezy has a way of getting people fired up.


Jason J. 10:39AM

Let the games begin: Outside Lands 2014

What do you think? First impressions? Let’s hear it.

Jason M. 10:42AM

It seems like music dads of hipsters would listen to in order to feel cool. Outside Dads. Also, why is Spoon playing every festival except Coachella?

Kat 10:49AM

Not surprising, but they sure are going for the 35 and older crowd with this lineup. Makes sense though; surely that’s the crowd who can actually afford Outside Lands tickets.

Rich 10:50AM

Negative Nancy here. It feels a bit weak to me. After Metallica, a band that can legitimately sell out the entire event on their own, there aren’t many acts that can bring that kind of show and the promoters know it. I don’t know if Kanye can pull off that kind of energy or engage that many people. Tom Petty will get our parents out to the show and entertain most of the stoners. Tiesto? Is this Vegas? Only a few of those acts would sell out the Fox or the Fillmore. The majority couldn’t sell out the Independent. Not enough local talent. All-in-all, I’m not compelled. Definitely not enough to shell out $300+ plus parking.

Jason J. 10:52AM

Hey, Im 36!

Wayne 10:52AM

Yawn at the top…haha-Killers, seriously?! Fun below the line: Run The Jewels, Spoon, Courtney Barnett, Valerie June, Jonathan Wilson, Big Freedia…

Overall: I would say ‘better than Lolla”; not to be construed as praise 😉

Jasmine 10:56AM

First impression is entirely less than impressed. Outside Lands, you’re still my favorite…but really? All I really have to say is – yaaawn 🙁

Kat 11:49AM

Hehe, see!

I’m 29, and I like most of the bands, but still…a number of the bands on the roster haven’t put anything out in a few years, and are the bands I listened to and loved in college. I don’t expect the under-25 crowd to get too excited about this lineup. Maybe that’s for the best?

Nori 12:18PM

Nice mix of the good (Haim, SBTRKT, Warpaint, Disclosure), the decent (Death Cab, Ben Howard, The Kooks), the outstanding (Arctic Monkeys, Lykke Li) and the absolutely cringeworthy (Kanye West, Macklemore, Duck Sauce).

Frank 1:29PM

mreh… I saw Kanye before he started wearing a mask, I grew up in the ’80s and avoided stoner rock then and have no intention of listening to it now (Tom Petty) seems like many of the other bands just recently played festivals…

Having said that, music festivals to me are about so much more than the bands. The chance to spend a few days disconnected from work or other worries and connected with friends, the food, the beer, the overall experience makes the bands just a fraction of the draw.

Outside Lands will always have a special place in my and @indiebeanie’s heart. I probably just need a break. I could never hate on such a magical festival.

Jeff 2:01PM

First thought: Kanye? Kanye! And unlike Frank, I LOOVVVVE stoner rock, so overall it looks really good.

I got a chance to see Yeezy at Coachella in ‘06, he’s a different beast now, for better or worse. If he can come close to reaching the grandiosity that was last year’s Yeezus tour, it will be worth the price of admission on its own. It’s so bonkers, so ambitious. C’mon, white Jesus was there, and he told Kan to calm down (and he did…briefly). I had to look twice at his name to make sure I wasn’t imagining it.

My next thought was the hopelessly generic “rock ‘n’ roll is dead”. Besides Spoon, are there any legit, relevant rock ‘n’ roll on the…? Oh… never mind, I overreacted again…Yes…yes there is, Haim, Local Natives, Deer Tick, Warpaint, Phosphorescent. We’re covered.

I think Coachella gets a slight nod based on Beck, The Knife, and local hero Ty Segall, but give me the green grass and trees of Golden Gate Park over the miserable desert any day of the week.

Katie 2:12PM

Digging the bottom half, but the top is straight out of my high school soundtrack. (Literally: check it.) The Killers, Arctic Monkeys, Death Cab, Paolo Nutini, Spoon… Maybe it’ll be a good thing? A little nostalgia never hurt anyone.

Mike 4:32PM

Wow.. deja vu all over again for a bunch of these… Should be another classic, daze in the park. And lots of walkin’..!

Julie 5:50PM

Below the fold is always where it’s at and they’ve got some solid bands in that bottom half. Though nothing has come close to year 1 for me as far as lineup, the best part has really always been about seeing the Nest come together in a big way. Plus any place I can see Lykke Li is a place for me. Do you think they’ll have any surprise headliners up their sleeves this year?

Jennifer 6:45PM

The lineup above the fold reminds me of salt and pepper. For every band I’m thrilled about, there’s a band I’m scratching my head about. I would love, Love, LOVE to see Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers. I mean seriously, imagine the moment they come on stage. HOOOOOT!!! I’m not a fan of the has-beens headlining but there’s an exception to be made for ol’ Tom and his Heartbreakers. I won’t even give Kanye the energy it takes to write about him.

Below the fold is exciting! Night Terrors of 1927, Bear Hands, Gardens & Villa, Woods, Warpaint, Holy Ghost … I get the chills just thinking about it! Have fun for us SoCal Owls and take an extra shot for us!!! #goldmedaldrinkers #hashtagsinemailshahaha

In the imaginary contest for the best line up: I think OSL takes Coachella this year. (Gasp!)

Hillary 12:10AM

Seriously, how do you go from Paul McCartney to Kanye? BUT, The Killers,Tom Petty, Tycho, Arctic Monkeys, Death Cab…all worth it.

They capture the diehard fans from very different crowds, and make them want it just enough to put up with the other groups!

Mike 12:38AM

Rumors of three unannounced headliners:
– Prince
– Rage Against Machine
– Bob Seager

Rich 12:42AM

I’ll take any of those 3

Alyssa 9:22AM

Well I think that RATM rumor was of my doing (sorry not sorry).

Tom Petty is a bit redundant. 2009 (I believe) wasn’t long enough ago to warrant another appearance—it would be much better to see someone like Springsteen or Fleetwood Mac (CAN YOU IMAGINE? OMG) headlining.

As far as Kanye goes, I’m all about it—for two reasons. First, Kanye puts on a great fucking show. He may be bat-shit crazy and an asshole, but he is an entertainer if there ever was one. Stage antics are his jam. Next, Kanye as a headliner symbolizes a shift towards the idea that (un-Mackled) rap can be mainstream enough to warrant a top spot. And if Kanye’s just the beginning, who’s next? Hov? I mean how much higher can we even go here? It opens the door for acts like ScHoolboy (& Black Hippy), Kendrick, Earl, Tyler and others to fill out the bill for a usually neglected genre in historical OSL. Yeah, Run the Jewels is great to see there, but how can they bill a legend like Killer Mike & El-P (who put out one of the best records of 2013) under Kacey Musgraves and Boys Noize?

Moreover, I’m surprised to see Atmosphere, Capital Cities, and Lykke Li billed so high, so I’m sure there must be more acts coming. Bigger ones. (*crosses fingers for Daft Punk*). The lower bill looks pretty good. Givers, Trails & Ways, Jagwar Ma, and Mikal will all be great, although I wish there were more punk acts on there. I really enjoyed The Men last year, and it would have been great to see someone like White Lung or any outfit of John Dwyer up this year.

Jeff 9:40AM

Preach Alyssa! My brain would explode if the Boss and Kanye shared a bill. I could die in peace.

Spencer 9:52AM

Also on the rumor mill is Elton John, who’s playing Bonnaroo with Kanye. That would be pretty epic.

Alyssa, you ruined the headliner I was most excited about. I love Tom Petty, but you’re absolutely right. 2008 is not enough time in between OSL headlining bills. I didn’t think about that. There are too many great artists in the world to start repeating now.

Fleetwood Mac is touring, you’d think they could swing by Golden Gate Park. It’s still early though, plenty of time for additions.

The rest of the lineup is very solid. A mix of new rockers and the bands that influenced them. There’s very few on the list that I’m not excited to see and what’s even more exciting is there’s quite a few I haven’t listened to yet and one of my favorite parts of a big festival is hearing new music and discovering new bands.

Lacey 4:21PM

Any festival that has a lineup of Warpaint, Jenny Lewis, Lykke Li, Haim, Chvrches, T&S and Local Natives is one I want to attend!

Trina 7:06PM

I concur with what the majority have already expressed. Kanye won’t get a sliver of grass from me, Tom Petty just maybe. Arctic Monkeys I’m in love with and below the fold is ace! Aside from that, any opportunity to get up there and play in the park with fellow owls gets me all a flutter. We’re 90% sure that we’re headed your way, SF! Time to start stuffing my boots with tiny liquor bottles for the slamming! #goldmedaldrinkers #jameysocksforlife

Gabriel 7:11PM

The Killers are a headliner? Is it 2006 already?
Who I’d really like to see on this lineup are the smaller acts that don’t come around to my town much or at all—Mikal Cronin, Courtney Barnett, Lucius, Bear Hands (who share my alma mater!). But man, what I’d give to see Chvrches and Haim. (The answer: anything.)

Mayumi 7:27PM

Let’s be real – we’re all gonna be too tired from running around during the day catching bands in the 1 to 8pm slots, no one is gonna last to see the headliners on Lands End, am I right!? (Read: this owl is getting old) But yes, I agree with what everyone has said about the lineup below the fold – super solid as always – some real gems in there, though I do feel like a lot of them have recently come thru the Bay within the past 3-6 months. Would I rather see them at the Fillmore or the Fox? Absolutely. But this venue allows for discovery, exposure,and propagation, which is why it’s a pretty fantastic festival to begin with. And if someone writes an OSL Guide, please include a line on drained cell phones and NO MOTHER EFFING SERVICE IN GGP!!! #jameysocksforlife #goldmedaldrinkers

Julian 7:32PM

UK tours have been pretty huge, but I sort of stopped caring after they did Day & Age. Kanye and Tom Petty I’d definitely see, but now that I know that Petty was there in ’08, I agree that they probably could have picked a less redundant legacy act.

Besides that, I’m digging these bands. Some grit (Tedeschi Trucks), some wub (Disclosure), some falsetto (Local Natives), some tingly pop (Haim/Chvrches), some bros having fun (Run the Jewels), some twang (Kacey Musgraves)…it’s a nice mix. I’d actually be really excited for Warpaint and Dum Dum Girls after their fantastic last records, and also for Finish Ticket, since it’s shameful that I’ve lived in Bay this long and missed them every single time they play.

Mayumi 7:37PM

Also…let’s not forget about the Night Shows!!! Which historically have been pretty amazing.

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