High School Reunion: Tobias Wilner of Blue Foundation (1989-1992)

May 03. 2012 | By Staff

From left: Tobias Wilner (Blue Foundation), Thomas Fischer, and Jonas Bjerre (Mew).

What can I say about my high school time — memories of leaving home, smoking, skateboarding, a misfit, broken hearts, collecting bottles for money, mixtapes, hanging out, loneliness, girls, walkman, no money at all, music, painting, parking lots, guitars, writing songs, fights, getting drunk, Lee Ranaldo, being late for school, concerts, crashing on couches, shitty jobs… I do not, under any circumstances, wish to go through that period again. I haven’t survived a second without music and thanatophobia. I don’t have anything from my old days, left everything behind at some point, but I still have my friends. I asked my old friend Jonas Bjerre (front singer from Mew) if he had any pictures. He mailed me this picture of our first band Orange Dog, taken around 1992. The quality is pretty bad, but it definitely has a vibe.  ~Tobias Wilner

Codeine – New Year’s

Pale Saints – Half-Life

Sebadoh – Truly Great Thing

Dinosaur Jr. – I Love For That Look

My Bloody Valentine – Sometimes

Cocteau Twins – Blue Bell Knoll

The Cure – Faith

Galaxie 500 – Fourth of July

Sonic Youth – Schizophrenia

Editors Note:
Blue Foundation will be releasing In My Mind I Am Free on May 22nd via Dead People’s Choice Records. Check their video for “Just A Hand”:

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