August 09. 2020 | By Wayne Jessup

The 2018 self-titled debut EP from LA’s Sprain was a Nest favorite, a hushed slowcore salvo that occasionally broke ranks to unveil seamy noise, (“Deliver Us” being the hint).

Now they’re back with a full-length, As Lost Through Collision, out 9/4 on The Flenser. First single “Worship House” displays Sprain locating precisely the Knob That Goes To Eleven, delivering in one frenzied burst all of their pent up promise.

Newest single “Constant Hum” deploys every trick in their dynamic arsenal, deliberately building tension over its first five minutes, before the band grinds into full life and sees out the sprawling epic. Trailing off into the feedback ether, it’s their high water mark to date, and we can’t wait to hear the rest of As Lost Through Collision.

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