May 18. 2021 | By Wayne Jessup
photo by Abi Reimold

2nd Grade from Philly is back with the first taste of their upcoming release Wish You Were Here Tour Revisited, out 6/25 on Double Double Whammy. In this case it’s a literal revisiting, with souped up versions of tracks from their 2018 Sleeper Records release Wish You Were Here Tour, and a whole host of demos. Their previous release Hit To Hit was a strong Nest favorite, and this shows equal signs of turntable domination. Check out first single “Favorite Song”, in both its final and demo versions below.

2nd Grade’s Michael Gill shared some thoughts on the song: “It amazes me on just how many levels “Favorite Song” works, for a sub-2 minute song that practically wrote itself. It’s a total celebration of listening to music, my absolute favorite thing to do in this world. It’s an attempt to tell both sides of a sad misunderstanding. It’s proof of the John Ashbery quote about how proper nouns are the most descriptive words in the English language. Not least of all, it’s a carefully crafted piece in the tradition of “April Come She Will” that nonetheless rejects such a tidy narrative. The stories we tell ourselves through pop music often fail to square up with the facts of our predicaments, but sometimes they can make us feel a whole lot better.”

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