Flowers In Her Hair: Outside Lands Fashion 2014

August 10. 2014 | By Jennifer Pollock

On the subject of festival fashion, we were primed to spin up something along the lines of “Beyond The Wall: The Freezing People Of Outside Lands,” but in what might be considered a Golden Gate Park miracle, Friday’s weather was super nice and remained so into the evening. It was the perfect amount of breeze to remind you that you’re blocks away from the ocean, and the right amount of sun to prevent it from feeling completely ludicrous to be drinking a cold beer.

Not to say this deterred those set on fur. It’s not Outside Lands without animal-get ups, and a few were worth a hat tip. Exhibit A and B below.

Fashion 1

Fashion 2

In the headwear category, we’re pleased to report that neon festival headbands are on the wane. In their place is a much more palatable trend (and one that doesn’t cut off the circulation): flower headpieces. True, some seemed more suited for a hippie wedding on the beach, but they sure are pretty. All those we talked to said they made theirs themselves.

Fashion 3

Fashion 4

Fashion 5

And then there’s the zany, a necessary component of any festival worth its salt. Trippy mash-up neon leggings abound.

Fashion 6

We hope you had as chill a day as this guy. (Spotted at Tegan & Sara).

Fashion 7

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