YOU GOTTA SEE THIS: “Love & The Movies” by Midi Matilda

July 10. 2012 | By Collin Welbon

San Francisco’s Midi Matilda just released a video for their newest indie groove, “Love & The Movies.” With scenes flashing between the indie rock duo dancing on a dimly lit stage and playing their instruments on a flatbed trailer being pulled behind a pick-up truck cruising down sun-drenched country roads, one may not initially realize what Skyler Kilborn, lead singer of Midi Matilda, is actually singing about.

“Love & The Movies” is not only an amazing song lyrically, but Midi Matilda did an excellent job of playing off the lightheartedness of life while struggling with love. With Logan Grimé directing, Midi Matilda has once again created a mood with their latest video that rightfully juxtaposes the message within the lyrics.

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