HEAR THIS: Postiljonen

September 23. 2013 | By Patryk Mrozek

postiljonen1 picture by summer heart
Photo courtesy of Summer Heart

It seems unfortunate enough how musical crazes come and go these days – in even more rapid succession than ever before. What if you truly, heartily connected with Vega”s “No Reasons” and the music of Air France, and were not at all ready to stop listening to Balearic, dreamy electro-pop when the summer of 2009 ended? Well then, Postiljonen might be the answer to your problem. Continuing the tradition of Scandinavian impressionist pop, the Swedish band offers some of the best examples of peppy-but-melancholic beach tunes the wave (no pun intended) has produced yet. Our favorite touches come in the form of gentle saxophone soloing that underscores much of their recently released debut album, Skyer, giving the music a bit of a current (as in: ‘70s-referencing) feel. Postiljonen might be a post-script to a scene, but their music brings out the point of how much we crave musical afterthoughts like that.

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