HEAR THIS: Pictorials

March 07. 2013 | By Hillary Smith


What some people look for in music, others slink away from, like venom into their blood. If you like upbeat tunes with non-aggressive vocals and catchy bass guitar lines, the Pictorials” bite will be a pleasant one. This three-piece (according to their Facebook page) “pop & lock” group from Portland, OR will supply you with dance music until the sun goes down. However, their sound does not belong to a single genre, with shades of

post punk overlapping that of mellow pop. A highlight on their online casino LP Learning is song “Mystery Matter,” a flowing daze of a song with a memorable hook you will end up singing too, “Far as I can see, fuck this mystery.” We challenge you to not song along with that one. When you lose, check out the rest of the LP.

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