March 19. 2013 | By Ace Ubas


Los Angeles-based singer/songwriter Anna Nelson began

her musical venture as a solo artist. But more recently, she decided to shift directions by working with multi-instrumentalist Andy Toy to form Moxi. With Emmy award-winning producer Bobby Hartry, their debut EP, In My Dreams, is an electro-pop release with hints of dream-pop soundscapes. Think of it as a cross of Feist’s songwriting, the delicate and dreamy demeanor of Beach House, and the dance-pop sensibilities of Niki & The Dove. This is evident in the single “Terrible Disguise,” a glistening tune filled with playful synths and crisp Omnichord strums that elevate Nelson’s elegant soprano vocals. While today’s pop music seems convoluted, Moxi certainly has that moxie to stand on their own.

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