HEAR THIS: Terraplane Sun

December 05. 2011 | By Trina N. Green

A brain and a set of ears hardwired for the purity and earthy preciousness of the blues will find comfort in this quintet consisting of the varied musical schemes and influences of Ben Rothbard, Johnny Zambetti, Cecil Campanaro, Lyle Riddle, and Gabe Feenberg. Folks who write about these guys will consciously name-drop bands/artists of musical significance for reference points (Dylan, Howlin’ Wolf, etc.), but surely the artistic bones of this band are fit to stand on their own. Nimbly treading the line between rawness and finesse, Terraplane Sun plucks out a rich amalgamation of abrasively cool bluesy rock, velvet-lined with touches of sun and western folk. Alongside the electric graze of guitar, they ambitiously supplement the sound with mandolin, accordion, and even the bellow of trombone to create a signature canvas of sound and agile lyrics. Two full length albums and quality song placements aside (Showtime’s “Nurse Betty,” FX’s “Damages,” and A&E’s “Relapse”), this five-piece is damned impressive in the execution of such a rocking yet soulful aesthetic.

Put your ears toward what Terraplane Sun can do:

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