HEAR THIS: Spooky Flowers

May 09. 2014 | By Collin Welbon

spooky flowers

With the myriad of media outlets spilling music into our ears on a daily basis, so many bands get buried in the sand. The hook-happy, surfer rock bursting out of Spooky Flowers is bound to keep the four-man band from Berkeley above the rest of the buried musical treasures out there. With the release of their first full-length album, Heavy Glow, on Christmas Eve of 2013, the Bay Area band has given fans a gift that keeps on giving.

From the opening track, “The Night With Me,” Spooky Flowers’ driven, yet carefree, melodies induce dancing, dancing and more dancing. There’s no room for inhibitions, wherever one may be, when Spooky Flowers is on the stereo. If you haven’t had a chance to see these guys live yet, Spooky Flowers is playing The Starry Plough Pub in Berkeley, CA on Saturday, May 10. You can also check them out and purchase their album on Bandcamp.

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