HEAR THIS: Plastic Flowers

April 25. 2014 | By Nori Bell-Bhuiyan

plastic flowers 1

Hazy, dreamy, wistful, ambient, synth-laden, drowsy, relaxing…all of these things could be synonymous with Greek duo, Plastic Flowers. Their recently released debut, Evergreen – recorded on old school cassette players and reel-to-reel analogue tape – is an ethereal, ephemeral, dose of very very laid-back dream pop.

More washed out than Washed Out and more expansive and lo-fi than Neon Indian, the pair draw on electronic chillwave sounds, but have created something that’s more subtle and somewhat gentle. Of their debut full length, stand out tracks include opener “Vicious Victims” – melodic and ringing, layering sounds atop one and another with deceptive simplicity – and the aptly named “Fog Song”, misty and distant with whispering vocals. Songs like “Silence” prove hard to review, seeing as listening to them will instantly have you drifting away into hazy meditation, but when Keep Shelly In Athens makes a guest appearance in “Ghosts”, she provides the perfect tension in her quiet vocals to complete a captivating backdrop of drums, brooding synths and chiming percussive melodies.

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