HEAR THIS: Mohicans

June 24. 2016 | By Dustin Ragucos

MohicansMohicans are a San Francisco Bay Area band that find pleasure in stampeding through their competition, trampling those that stand in their way with horns thirsty for guts and gore. Both a revving guitar and visceral vocals give the sensation of being the hunted straying from the hunter (“Swan”). The metal band’s harsh, gritty rhythms refuse to be extinguished (“Bixbi”), even when their solos add a dab of bright hope (“Road”). That hope does not last–it violently combusts to leave room for the war-torn and crushingly low “Trench.” The group do not tire in their hunt for prey. “Run to the light!” they call, taunting their victim. It is this depravity that makes listeners crave more.

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