HEAR THIS: Loudtalkers

October 20. 2011 | By April

Straight out of the outskirts of the Bay Area, but sounding closer to the coast, the Livermore-based trio Loudtalkers have crafted something special in terms of surf-rock-meets-progressive-indie, with frontman Chris Ansuini earnestly singing on the first track of their self-titled EP, backed by mesmerizing guitar and feeling light as sea-foam. “If I Could Speak” is love at its most unabashed. The whole feel changes once “Quietly My Time” starts up, with Matt Roads’ funky bass hitting Ansuini’s jangly guitar as the beach scene retracts and the music moves towards Red Hot Chili Pepper-level fervor. Once the introspective “Clouds” starts up with Taylor Rankin’s expert drumming, floating into “Pirate Song” and ending with the decrescendoing rumble of guitars, drum, and bass with “Fattest Boy Around,” you’re left in the content zen of a truly masterful, self-produced album. Like a grab bag of your favorite musicians at genre-bending mixer, Loudtalkers offers a little bit of everything.

Check out Loudtalker’s EP:

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