HEAR THIS: Leitbur

July 20. 2012 | By Jon Allmond

Synthpop seems to be gaining more popularity than ever this year. Although most of the artists under the genre can sound fairly similar to each other, every now and then we get our ears on a group that’s absolutely undeniable.

If you’re not familiar with Los Angeles duo Leitbur, don’t fret because they’re fairly new to us as well, but before you hit that play button be prepared to dance the night (or day) away. The group dropped their latest EP Think of Tomorrow back in April, and with that they set out to make sure that their listeners have a good time. It’s full of pulsating analogue synths, ’80s nostalgia, and infectious new wave sounds that have surely made their way into our heads over the past few weeks. Check out the title track from the release below.

Leitbur – Think of Tomorrow by Leitbur

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