November 27. 2012 | By Sean Morris

Before you cry, “not another supergroup!” give JJAMZ a chance. Aside from Maroon 5, all of the band members’ more prominent projects (Rilo Kiley, Phantom Planet, The Like) are on indefinite hiatus. Clearly JJAMZ is their current priority. The indie-for-now pop of Suicide Pact was one of the few sun rays in a summer filled with masterful but morose releases. The nĂ¼-new wave channeling “Heartbeat” shows more promise than the revamped MySpace, the product it was selected to promote. Breathy yet forceful vocals burst forth like party favors, guided by tight drumming and guitar melodies designed to get stuck to the roof of your memory bank. Music supervisors for primetime dramas and multiplex teen soap operas are bound to come calling.

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