HEAR THIS: "Bonnie Brae" by Harper Simon

January 04. 2013 | By Beth Durant

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Maybe there’s something in the water in the Simon household, because Harper isn’t doing much to let the family down with a unique twist on his inherited singer-songwriter capabilities. With a blend of grassroots vocals and catchy acoustic riffs shown in the previously-released track “Wishes and Stars,” his newest effort “Bonnie Brae” seeks to throw something a bit distinct into the heady mix.

Think late ’90s Beck with a poised sophistication and vivacious panache. It’s a great break from the usual trend of slowly-treading new artists, and there’s self-assurance running through the fast-paced track with an unparalleled vibrancy. The entire thing sounds turbulent and fresh to our weathered critical ears, and we can’t wait for his new album Division Street due to be released in March 2013.

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