HEAR THIS: All My Friends

August 16. 2013 | By Vicki Dolenga

All My Friends 1

Sometimes all it takes to start a band is a microKORG synthesizer. That’s how it happened for Brian Holt and Josh Custodio of Vancouver’s All My Friends four years ago. Now the duo is back with their new single, “Stop Lights And Long Streets,” which showcases their synth-pop sound perfectly. The chord progressions, clapping, and group backing vocals will remind you of ‘80s music like the Pet Shop Boys as well as current bands like Passion Pit and MGMT. It’s a fun, upbeat song that’ll make you wanna dance – and that’s just what All My Friends wants. Don’t miss the wacky video for the song – everything from raw eggs to berries to powders and unknown goop are thrown at Brian as he tries to sing!

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