ALBUM REVIEW: “This Machine” by The Dandy Warhols

April 24. 2012 | By Catriona Noble

The Dandy Warhols
This Machine
[The End Records]

These neo-psychedelia, alternative rock, bohemian, hipsters put the -c in cool. The Dandy Warhols have been a band for 18 years, This Machine, is the Dandy’s 8th studio album and in all those years, they have never put a foot wrong. A lot more ’90s grunge in this album, yet still maintaining the Dandys unique indie style that secretly pick you up in their space ship and take you off to Dandy land.

Heavy bass kick starts “Sad Vacation” which bust out the grungy, punk, sexy, raw flavor. Everything the Dandys create is like an onomatopoeia, they sound how they feel. “The Autumn Carnival” is their stand out track, very haunting and moody. “Enjoy Yourself,” flips us over to an Iggy Pop vocal from Courtney, yet pop. “Alternative Power to the People” is twisted and energetic. “Well They’re Gone,” is typical of Dandy’s style with that spaghetti western undertone — it just creates another dreamy, moody experience. “Don’t Shoot She Cried” brings us to our knees. The second half of the album showcases the Dandys in all their glory — Courtney’s breathy, sensual, deep vocals and style, backed by the amazing Zia on keyboards and synths, Holmstrom on guitar, and DeBoer on SOLID drums and backup vocals.

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