ALBUM REVIEW: “New Brighton EP” by Said the Whale

November 04. 2011 | By Hillary Smith

Said the Whale
New Brighton EP
[Hidden Pony Records]

This quintet, hailing from Vancouver, Canada has just made their ninth EP. That’s a large number compared to their two albums, but “quality over quantity” as they say, and they do have quality. Said the Whale have given us a tiny sip of what they’re brewing in the studio with a measly four tracks on this latest EP, New Brighton. Track one, which shares the name of the EP, is a catchy enough song with crisp vocals, although it lacks a punch. I kept waiting for the heart of the song to lure me in, and it didn’t come – at first. Upon listening again, though, I found certain parts of the song to glorify, like the beginning. I currently can’t stop singing the intro: “When I was younger, I remember how you held me under. I was brand new being under water, but I’m stronger now that I’m a father.”

However, the fourth song, “Little Bird,” has to be my favorite of the four. It’s a peaceful and captivating track for a couple of reasons. The lyrics painted a memorable picture and coaxed me into analyzing their true meaning. Secondly, the vocals are sincere and a bit reminiscent of folk. This four-track EP, small as it may be, shows the band’s versatility. It kind of reminded me of a sample platter that they pass around at parties – it only leaves you wanting more.

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