ALBUM REVIEW: “Metal Meets” by Ohbijou

September 27. 2011 | By Matt De Mello

Metal Meets

[Last Gang]

When I was a boy, my father had an album he played on a constant loop called Snowflakes are Dancing by Isao Tomita which was basically Debussey’s greatest hits on a moog synthesizer. To this day it is one of the most beautiful albums I’ve ever heard, but today Ohbijou took a shot at the title.

Metal Meets is the best thing to come out of Canada since an American returning from vacation. It has a spacey feeling that I haven’t heard since that Tomita album all those years ago. “Turquoise Lake” revels in the melodic beauty this album purveys with breaks for cellos; a funny trend making huge inroads within the indie music scene. Most of the time I find them to be about useless as Larry Flynt’s cock, but here it just adds to the floating quality. If quizzed today, I’d have a hard time deciding between Metal Meets and Gem Club’s Breakers as the best album of the year. I’ve listened to it three times to make sure I wasn’t being overly hyperbolic and it simply gets better with every listen. With so much amazing music coming out I’m really looking forward to hating something. This isn’t it.

Stream all of Ohbijou‘s Metal Meets HERE

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