ALBUM REVIEW: “Little Me Will Start A Storm” by Loch Lomond

February 22. 2011 | By Jessica Rae Cortez

Loch Lomond
Little Me Will Start A Storm
[Tender Loving Empire]

Loch Lomond are ex-tour mates of the Decemberists, and a part of the ever-growing Portland label/arts collective, Tender Loving Empire. Their latest LP, Little Me Will Start A Storm is a charming musical-Bordeaux of harmonic vocals, mandolin, theremin, bass clarinet, and percussion.

The first single, “Elephants and Little Girls,” is a lullaby for the new century. The strings and back-up vocals evoke circus atmosphere festivities, circa at-dusk. “Blue Lead Fences” is a courageous anthem, a call to live up youth and love. Treading on the same vocal-superior ground, “I Love Me,” is Ritchie Young at his vocal best, swelling in and around the storm of hush vocals. “Blood Bank” is a delicious blend of folk and chamber-pop, “And oh you’re just like an animal, and oh, you cut it with the knife.”

“Egg Song” compares friends to eggs, “and oh they have velvety skin, and ah, their feet never touch the ground whenever they walk.” Humorous, but rightly sincere in their allegory. The sextet of Loch Lomond itself is a composition of teachers, computer programmers, visual artists, and entrepreneurs. Collectively all members are ex-high school band members slash nerds, although one would never know it after listening to this grandeur sweep of illuminating tall tales.

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