ALBUM REVIEW: “Leisure Seizure” by Tom Vek

June 07. 2011 | By Hillary Smith

Tom Vek
Leisure Seizure
[Island Records]

Tom Vernon-Kell from London, England, aka Tom Vek, has been absent from the music industry for a good six years. However, he is back with his second album, Leisure Seizure, a pop-rock mash of synthesized sounds and spacey vocals. The 12-track album is characterized by lyrics that are repetitive yet bizarrely catchy and with lots of rhythm. His sound is similar to that of The Pistolas. The track “Hold Your Hand” has few lyrics, yet I found myself singing them in his same half-singing, half-talking style. His musical style is almost cosmic. In “Close Mic’ed,” the background sounds made me feel like I was free floating in space. Vek’s album is well produced and quite unique with its constant rhythm and recurring lyrics. Leisure Siezure is an album worth listening to if you’re not looking for gutsy soulful songs, but rather tunes with a more electronic and rhythmic-based foundation.

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