ALBUM REVIEW: “Keep It Steady” by Boutros

August 28. 2012 | By Vicki Dolenga

Keep It Steady

The bio of Chicago band Boutros on both Facebook and Twitter reads simply “Click. Blip. Beep. Boom.” and as basic as it might seem, it sums up their EP Keep It Steady perfectly. This is the sophomore effort from the two-member band, completed thanks to Kickstarter funding, and the result is fun, upbeat electro pop. Each song is a beats-driven synth masterpiece, but the vocals provided by singer Dickie Boutros are the melodic glue holding it together. He and his musical partner in crime, Nicky Boutros, manage to find just the right way to harmonize his voice with the various synth sounds they use – some of which are reminiscent of old video games and carnival rides! Keep It Steady is a fun romp for anyone who loves synth pop, and
we found it hard not to get up and dance.

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