ALBUM REVIEW: “Gold Motel” by Gold Motel

July 02. 2012 | By Tina Karkinen

Gold Motel
Gold Motel
[Good As Gold Records]

On their sophomore album, Chicago based pop outfit Gold Motel put all their strengths on display. What they accomplish is a well structured body of pop finesse.

From the moment the curtain opens Gold Motel is ready to entertain. While singer Greta Morgan exclaims “drifting in a brand new kind of blue” her band puts in a higher gear and raises the energy level.

It appears that the goal of Gold Motel is to record summer, which they have managed to do with their upbeat and vibrant sound. A sound that owes much to the entrancing, sharp edged guitar work of Dan Duszynski and Eric Hehr. Soaking up the same sun as The Beach Boys, Gold Motel shares the same aptitude for creating powerful melodies. Gold Motel reverberates a positive energy which is highly contagious. These sungazers are relentless in their efforts to sweep you off your feet. This album is sure to have a place reserved on many summer soundtracks.

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