ALBUM REVIEW: “Let It Go” by Fossil Collective

June 12. 2012 | By Lisa Gerarde

Fossil Collective
Let It Go
[Dirty Hit Records]

Fans of the now defunct Vib Gyor might be puzzled at first by the indie folk-pop turn taken by former frontmen David Fendick and Jonny Hooker. Their new EP, Let It Go, is a beautiful piece of art, crafted from richly hued vocals and sadness-laced chords tinged with a hint of country. It’s the soaring harmonies on the title track that fill the heart to the point of bursting as they sing “We started something/Tried to make a fire without a flame/Why it wasn’t right I couldn’t say.”

Fossil Collective make the five songs on their EP sound so effortless but their makeup is multifaceted; you can hear layer upon layer of guitar, percussion, piano, and harmony come together in perfect unison. The first three tracks are pure folk-pop, and the last two, “Guaratuba” and “Everything But You Was Facing North” round out the EP with a summery feel. The mellotron on “Everything But You…” is especially lovely. Let It Go is a truly pleasing musical experience.

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