ALBUM REVIEW: “Family Perfume Volumes 1 and 2” by White Fence

April 02. 2012 | By Andre Cruz

White Fence
Family Perfume Vol.1 & 2

White Fence is the creation of Tim Presley, who also plays in Darker My Love and The Strange Boys. White Fence, however, are quite the opposite of the aforementioned bands. They seem to push the boundaries of what is appropriate and follow no guidelines to shaping the elements of each song. Garage rock with a big leaning of ’70s guitar driven rock, mix in distortion, and a bunch of sound effects, and you have White Fence. It’s always a difficult task to keep a listener entertained through an album, now try a double disc and you might be setting yourself up for failure. Tim Presley does enough throughout the album to keep the listener engaged and not one song sounding quite the same as the other.

Most of the tracks contain some excelellent guitar picking like “Long White Curtain,” and the album as a whole takes some time to really grasp the listener. Upon first listen one might be a bit turned off by the effects and weird recording, but with time, one can’t help but to enjoy the dynamic of each song. A band’s live performance is sometimes impossible to record, hopefully with time White Fence will be able to accomplish this.

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