ALBUM REVIEW: “Antique” by A Dead Forest Index

July 19. 2012 | By Bryan Wallace

A Dead Forest Index
[OSCL Records/Denovali Records]

The land down under has yet again produced promising young talent. Melbourne brothers Adam and Sam Sherry make up the sinister rock band, A Dead Forest Index. Their debut EP Antique is made up of 5 gut wrenching and dark rock songs.

The initiation of Antique is “Distance,” a frightening beckoning that lures you in with a dry guitar and loud, but slow hitting toms. “Distance” is kind of like that track you listen to before exchanging fisticuffs with your arch nemesis.

A Dead Forest Index has a strong use of cutting out guitar and leaving Sam to play a consistent simple drum rhythm as Adam’s voice carries on in repetition. This is best showcased in “Anchoring The Hands.”

“A New Layer” is a track with two very different stories. The first half is strictly acapella, again demonstrating the admirable vocals of Adam. The second half is made up of sloppy piano and what sounds like wind chimes. Between this track and the closer entitled “Turning,” the end to what starts out as a spectacular EP, is a little off-putting.

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