What was on the menu? My 2011 Outside Lands Diet

August 15. 2011 | By Jason Jurgens

Much to the chagrin of my cholesterol, there were certain times throughout my 2011 Outside Lands experience that I was more stoked about the food than the music. (That has nothing to do with the quality of music and more to do with my gluttonous ways). It may also have to do with my age. I like to be comfortable. I don’t like being wedged up against a barricade while plumes of pot smoke give me a contact high. I’d rather find a chill spot, sit down, eat, and loaf like a lazy well-fed dog. And it was such a treat to have food options that weren’t your standard festival fare (though I did eat a hot dog).

Here are the things I ate (not including the platter of chicken tikka masala, which I ate too fast to even snap a pic of and the chicken skewers from Asqew Grill in the press tent). Oh, and I went back for the chicharrones twice. I hate myself.

Did you eat anything yummy? Any standouts?

4505 burger and chips

Went for the Heineken Light at least

Fried green tomatoes. Healthy choice.

Melt in your mouth. Went twice.

"Mocha Difference" from Three Twins Organic Ice Cream

Chocolate chip from Epic Cookies

Veggie samosas from Kasa Indian Eatery

$8 hot chocolate

P.S. I forgot to mention that I ran into Matt—the Ice Cream Man—twice and had a small serving of Ben & Jerry’s Mint Chocolate Cookie and a Cherry Garcia bar (my first time eating it). It was free…can you blame me? It’s probably a good thing that I walked about a 1,000 miles between stages.

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