PICTURE THIS: Ex Hex + TöLIPS @ Acerogami, Pomona 5-17-2015

May 19. 2015 | By Jennie Tan

Ex Hex @ Acerogami, Pomona 5-17-2015Ex Hex

Ex Hex drew in quite the crowd for a Sunday night at Pomona’s intimate Acerogami Lounge. Performing songs from their knockout debut album, Rips, and a lively cover of The Real Kids’ “All Kindsa Girls,” the alt-punk trio’s electrifying set captivated the initially tame crowd and had them cheering for more.

Ex Hex @ Acerogami, Pomona 5-17-2015Ex Hex @ Acerogami, Pomona 5-17-2015Ex Hex @ Acerogami, Pomona 5-17-2015Ex Hex

The crowd got a little cozier as Ex Hex promptly hit the stage with Rips opening track “Don’t Wanna Lose.” The DC-based band’s set was nothing short of excellent. Lead vocalist/guitarist, Mary Timony, provided phenomenal guitar solos throughout the night. Between catchy yet sharp guitar riffs, Timony and bassist Betsy Wright shared moments of equally entrancing guitar shredding. There couldn’t have been a better way to end the weekend as Ex Hex closed the night on a high note by finishing their set with “War Paint.”

Ex Hex @ Acerogami, Pomona 5-17-2015Ex Hex

-Don’t Wanna Lose
-Waste Your Time
-How You Got That Girl
-New Kid
-Hot and Cold
-Radio On
-You Fell Apart
-All Kindsa Girls (The Real Kids cover)

-War Paint

TöLIPS @ Acerogami, Pomona 5-17-2015TöLIPS @ Acerogami, Pomona 5-17-2015 TÜLIPS

Kicking off the night was L.A.’s own TÜLIPS. Literal tulips lined their mic stands and instruments creating a charming stage set up. The casual atmosphere called for fun banter between their cheerful set of noise-pop tunes.

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