PICTURE THIS: Doe Paoro @ Cafe du Nord, SF 11/26/18

November 27. 2018 | By Tudor Stanley

Doe_Paoro_CafeDuNord_November 26, 2018_15

Doe Paoro really appreciated her recent show at Cafe du Nord. Not only was it her first time headlining the venue but it was also a rainy Monday and a very dedicated crowd still attended. Touring her recent album, Soft Power, Doe was backed by a solid band as they performed emotional and powerful songs in a very intimate setting. Her voice is simply majestic and at the end of the night she treated all of us with a solo rendition of “Slow to Love”, a song she hasn’t played in 6 years and the first that she wrote.

Doe_Paoro_CafeDuNord_November 26, 2018_04Doe_Paoro_CafeDuNord_November 26, 2018_07Doe_Paoro_CafeDuNord_November 26, 2018_09Doe_Paoro_CafeDuNord_November 26, 2018_14Doe_Paoro_CafeDuNord_November 26, 2018_01Doe_Paoro_CafeDuNord_November 26, 2018_08Doe_Paoro_CafeDuNord_November 26, 2018_13Doe_Paoro_CafeDuNord_November 26, 2018_05Doe_Paoro_CafeDuNord_November 26, 2018_12Doe_Paoro_CafeDuNord_November 26, 2018_02Doe_Paoro_CafeDuNord_November 26, 2018_10

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