PICTURE THIS: Burger Boogaloo @ Mosswood Park Day 1

June 27. 2016 | By Tudor Stanley

The Mummies @ BurgerBoogaloo 06-25-2016_03The Mummies

The crazy and trashy Burger Boogaloo had another stellar year at Mosswood Park. With John Waters hosting you can expect some weirdness and the festival from Burger Records never disappoints. Saturday saw amazing sets from Thee Oh Sees, Lyres and the always reliable Thunderroads.

Thunderroads @ BurgerBoogaloo 06-25-2016_10Thunderroads @ BurgerBoogaloo 06-25-2016_09Thunderroads @ BurgerBoogaloo 06-25-2016_08Thunderroads @ BurgerBoogaloo 06-25-2016_07Thunderroads @ BurgerBoogaloo 06-25-2016_03Thunderroads @ BurgerBoogaloo 06-25-2016_06Thunderroads @ BurgerBoogaloo 06-25-2016_01Thunderroads

realkids @ BurgerBoogaloo 06-25-2016_01John Waters

lyres @ BurgerBoogaloo 06-25-2016_05lyres @ BurgerBoogaloo 06-25-2016_01lyres @ BurgerBoogaloo 06-25-2016_07lyres @ BurgerBoogaloo 06-25-2016_03Lyres

angrysamoans @ BurgerBoogaloo 06-25-2016_01angrysamoans @ BurgerBoogaloo 06-25-2016_04Angry Samoans

realkids @ BurgerBoogaloo 06-25-2016_02realkids @ BurgerBoogaloo 06-25-2016_03realkids @ BurgerBoogaloo 06-25-2016_04realkids @ BurgerBoogaloo 06-25-2016_07realkids @ BurgerBoogaloo 06-25-2016_08realkids @ BurgerBoogaloo 06-25-2016_09realkids

Thee Oh Sees @ BurgerBoogaloo 06-25-2016_01Thee Oh Sees @ BurgerBoogaloo 06-25-2016_03Thee Oh Sees @ BurgerBoogaloo 06-25-2016_05Thee Oh Sees

Closing out the night was The Mummies who rode to their stage on top of a car and with a marching band in front. We can’t wait for next year.

The Mummies @ BurgerBoogaloo 06-25-2016_12The Mummies @ BurgerBoogaloo 06-25-2016_20The Mummies @ BurgerBoogaloo 06-25-2016_18The Mummies @ BurgerBoogaloo 06-25-2016_06The Mummies @ BurgerBoogaloo 06-25-2016_16The Mummies @ BurgerBoogaloo 06-25-2016_10The Mummies @ BurgerBoogaloo 06-25-2016_15The Mummies @ BurgerBoogaloo 06-25-2016_07The Mummies @ BurgerBoogaloo 06-25-2016_19The Mummies @ BurgerBoogaloo 06-25-2016_05The Mummies @ BurgerBoogaloo 06-25-2016_13The Mummies @ BurgerBoogaloo 06-25-2016_02The Mummies @ BurgerBoogaloo 06-25-2016_01The Mummies

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