R.I.P. Bootleg Theater, LA

June 22. 2021 | By Wayne Jessup

Sad news from LA today: the announcement of the end of the Bootleg Theater. Located in Filipinotown, the eclectic venue served as both a theater hub and a reliable safe haven for indie touring acts. Long-standing friendships were cemented on the back patio, (let alone the restroom lines), during many an unforgettable night. The list of shows we covered there over the years is far too extensive for here, but includes The Love Language, Flock of Dimes, Laura Stevenson, The Sea and Cake, Memoryhouseand Crystal Antlersto name a few.

Among the personal favorite shows there: Veronica Falls, Come, the Mayla Embry benefit, All DogsTacocatAllison Crutchfield/Radiator Hospital/Ovlov, and Black Belt Eagle Scout. Thanks to the Bootleg Family, from the bar to the door to the back of the house, for so many epic nights, and a lifetime of memories. And lest we forget, a final shoutout to the late, great house dog Lucy. The official venue statement can be found below.

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