PREVIEW: Lost Coves Hit Oakland and SF 3/25-26

March 24. 2011 | By Lauren Nagel

New York duo Lost Coves are hitting the Bay this weekend with an awesome line-up of shows at The Stork Club, Hemlock Tavern and Kimo’s. Known for blending the boundaries of heavy rock and indie pyschadelica, this drum n’ bass duet is the perfect soundtrack to the weekend’s official Bay forecast of ‘Still F-cking Stormy, Yo.’ Don’t let the hail get you down, sissies — Lost Coves hit hard but know when to tug your heartstrings, providing gorgeous moments of feedback sustain and sweet vocals to break up the intense rocking badassery. Check ’em!

3/25: The Stork Club, Oakland – 9pm, $5 (with La Fin Du Monde, Cold Blue Mountain)

3/26: Hemlock Tavern, SF – 6pm (early show!), $6 (with Chapter 24, Bambi Killers)

3/26: Kimo’s, SF – 9pm, $7

[Wouldn’t you know it, Dylan Ricards on bass/vox is a Bay native! Welcome home, dude. After party at the Albany Bowl?]

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