NOW PRESENTING…Little Bridges + The Hundred Days

January 13. 2011 | By Julie Dyer

Usually a hip-hop club, the Shattuck Down Low in Berkeley is showcasing an unusual lineup featuring two up-and-coming Bay Area bands on Friday night (1/14), and I for one, am pretty excited about it. Now presenting…Little Bridges and The Hundred Days.

Little Bridges is unique in their style and delivery. They heavily√ā¬†embrace bizarre instrumentation (hello toy pianos and tubular bells!) and melancholy lyrics all while tying in memorable riffs, punching bass lines, and sing-a-long choruses. Once you see these guys play, you’ll get hooked on their charm and talent.

On the other end of the scale, The Hundred Days are a breath of fresh air with their Britpop-meets-Interpol style. Breathy, moody lyrics rip through peaking melodies, and the synchronicity is a dead-giveaway for how much effort they put into their presentation.

Bottom line, both of these bands are great songwriters and performers.

Here’s where to check them out:

Friday, 1/14

Shattuck Down Low

$5 cover + a special raffle (I’ll be aiming for the $30 bar bucks)

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