NOW PRESENTING…Atlantic/Pacific

January 17. 2011 | By Julie Dyer

Atlantic/Pacific is one of the few bands to come out of Brooklyn these days not showcasing some new/on-the-edge trend in indie hipsterville, but quite honestly, I think that’s their selling point. These dudes bring back the sultry, moody sensuality of ’90s alt-rock and take it to another more advanced musical height. Everything is angst-y, perfectly fine-tuned, and the best part? The cast of band members is constantly rotating. Think of them less like a ’90s comeback band, and more like a modern Smashing Pumpkins-inspired alt-rock group.

Free downloads here: Meet Your New Love and Patterns

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Milk Bar (1840 Haight Street) on Wednesday, 1/19

Starts at 8pm — $5 cover

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