Keeping The Wheels Turning, Pt I (SF)

April 07. 2020 | By Wayne Jessup

During this time of duress, we want to take a moment to pop the hood and shine a light on some of the infrastructure that helps keep the Bay Area music scene going, and what we can do to help.

Over at, life goes on, with some tweaks. Station founder Amanda Guest broadcast last week’s Countdown live from the literal cupboard underneath her stairs. The SF-based internet radio station has used their IG to help give a lift to the local scene, turning over their account to a different band each day. In addition, for Bandcamp Friday on 3/20, they did a massive Twitter thread listing the Bandcamp sites for artists who’ve played their ‘Besties Bash’, providing a great way to get au courant with and support an insane range of Bay Area acts.

Bottom of the Hill Tshirt Design

Meanwhile, on the venue side, there’s a lot of opportunity to aid and abet. Bottom of the Hill has established a relief fund. They’ve custom designed a badass new shirt for the occasion, and it’s already sold through, but worth waiting for. Other goodies still in-stock.

Maggie Rogers at the Rickshaw Stop, Photo: Don Albonico

Over at the Rickshaw Stop, you can work ahead and buy a gift card now to purchase future tickets, as well as support their Go Fund Me for staff.

family crest 3Q0A0707
Family Crest at The Chapel by Leslie Hampton

The Chapel, another completely independently owned, booked, and operated venue, has also established an employee relief fund. A dual fund has been set up for Slim’s and the Great American Music Hall.

Oh Sees at Great American Music Hall by Matthew Kadi

While the most recent edition of the Noise Pop Festival snuck in just before it all hit the fan, the good work of Noise Pop Industries is done year round, and you can find their employee support fund here.

Royal Blood @ DNA Lounge, SF 12/10/14
Royal Blood at DNA Lounge

Go directly to the DNA Lounge to support them with a one-time donation, or hit up their Patreon to have a longer-term impact, and don’t forget, Not only have they made their video database available for your viewing pleasure, but DNA Pizza is still rocking out the deliveries, including alcohol.

Great Apes at El Rio, San Francisco
Great Apes at El Rio. Chris was planning ahead with that roll of TP.

Over at El Rio, they’re getting closer to their goal, you can make your contribution here. Donations to The Knockout, Make-Out Room, Cafe Du Nord/Swedish American Hall, or Neck of the Woods can be made by contacting the institutions individually.

Their/They're/There @ Thee Parkside, SF 5/21/14
Their / They’re / There at Thee Parkside

Thee Parkside has planned a virtual show series called Thee Lockdown, with area bands taking over the venue’s IG page to livestream shows. You can donate to Thee Lockdown Fund here. You can keep abreast of updates at their IG page. Thus far, the schedule is below…

Saturday, 4/11 BASTET 7PM

Sunday, 4/12 HIGHWINDS 7PM

Thursday, 4/16 CARAVAN 222 8PM

Friday, 4/17 THE DWARVES 8PM

Saturday, 4/18 DECENT CRIMINAL 7PM

Sunday, 4/19 THEYA 7PM

Thanks in advance for all your efforts, and know that the steps taken today will help dictate the future of many, if not all of these organizations. Note that we’re just scratching the surface here. Find a more exhaustive list from the good folks over at Do The Bay.

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