HEAR THIS: Land of Talk

June 30. 2017 | By Dustin Ragucos

Photo by Matt Williams

Land of Talk do not shy away from the hideousness of depression and harshness of growing up. Through her vocals, Elizabeth Powell tries to grasp the concept of dying without forgetting the seriousness of it. This Montreal indie band’s most intense track “It’s Okay” resonates with an audience realizing the tribulations of life. On their latest album Life After Youth, youth becomes akin to a transformation, something resembling life’s transition to death. The perils of knowing how to love and understanding what love is become mixed with dazzling instrumentation that can be disorienting (“This Time”) and sensual (“Loving”). Land of Talk put you into a cocoon, keeping listeners calm from the noise outside that wanes one’s innocence.

Land of Talk will play June 30th at the Independent in San Francisco and July 2nd at Masonic Lodge at Hollywood Forever Cemetery.

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