May 01. 2020 | By Wayne Jessup

On March 20th, Bandcamp tried an experiment where they waived their revenue share on purchases made that day. $4.3M later, it was an undeniable success, and a blessing to artists everywhere at a time they needed it the most. Bandcamp is bringing it back hard, on the first friday of the month for the next three…that would be today (5/1), 6/5, and 7/3 from midnight to midnight (PDT).

This is the time to support your favorite artists, and keep an eye on the labels too. For instance, Sacred Bones Records will be opening their vaults and putting out limited editions and out of print titles for the occasion. Captured Tracks will be releasing Before That, This, a compilation of demos and alternate mixes.

At Father/Daughter Records, they’ll have special digital pricing in effect ($1 tracks/$2 EP’s, $3 albums), plus a special one day appearance of the new Esther Rose EP, which will revert back to it’s 5/29 street date after Friday. Damnably will waive their side of revenue as well, benefitting the bands totally, and they’ll have some limited editions up as well. Make a point to look in on your favorite label.

On the band side, Speedy Ortiz will be releasing a live compilation from their 2015 tour that benefitted Girls Rock Camps, and Arab Strap will be opening up their vaults of plenty on May 1st at 9am, under the name Arab Strap Archive.

Superchunk opens the archive once again, this time unveiling Clambakes Vol. 10: Only In My Dreams-Live In Tokyo, 2009. All proceeds from this album benefit the NC Community Bail Fund of Durham and Durham FEAST. East Brunswick All Girls Choir have unleashed a live document of their own, conjuring up the sold out launch gig at the Northcote Social Club for their second LP Teddywaddy, captured for posterity on Live at NSC, made possible by the mighty Milk! Records, and follow through to their page for new merch and more specials.

East Brunswick All Girls Choir, photo by Will Johnstone

It wouldn’t be the Nest if we didn’t leave you with a playlist, so here’s a few choices worth a listen. Hether Fortune (Wax Idols) will drop a Bandcamp-only compilation of demos, covers, and rarities entitled Whenever I’m In Doubt About Things I Do I Listen To The High Street Wailing Sounds In A Queue.

Fortune favors the brave, and that street date of 5/1 that Houses of Heaven attached to their new LP way back when is looking mighty prescient right about now. Silent Places is their long-awaited full-length debut, courtesy of Felte, who have even more goodies available at their site.

San Jose’s Doctor Nurse has dug into the vaults for Year of Ears, recorded back in 2010, but seeing the light of day for the first time.

Cinchel, from Chicago, has a vast treasure trove of drone-scapes perfect for cruising deserted streets, and he’ll have another gem for today, No Voice No Presence.

Phosphene, now of Portland, have released “Incandescent Plumes”, the third track from their forthcoming LP Lotus Eaters, following up “Cocoon” and “Spiral”.

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