July 27. 2011 | By Jennifer Shields

As humanity progresses, our wealth of knowledge increases. From science to meditation we are constantly birthing new means to make our world a better place. New World F.E.S.T.  is a celebration of what humanity has accomplished in recent years. Amazing concept, right? The New World F.E.S.T. will be rich in science and art; from robots to yoga to live music, there will be showcases to enlighten and inspire every sensory gland you have. What? Did I say live music? Yes, and your band could be a part of this unique festival!

New World F.E.S.T. has two prime-time spots available that they are saving just for an indie artist. These full paying spots will provide you with exposure to thousands of people just itching to hear your music! So send your electronic press kit to on or before September 16, 2011.  Every entry will be heard and given thoughtful consideration. Winners will be chosen on September 26, 2011. Now go get that press kit out!

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