April 10. 2012 | By Mayumi Okamoto

Pssst. San Francisco. Did you know we have been counting down the days to Coachella for the past thirty days? Have you been counting down with us? Whether you’re preparing for the festival by crossing off items on your Coachella Camping Survival Guide list or just hanging around the Bay Area over the festival weekends, we hope you’ve been paying attention to the bands appearing on our countdown.

Even if you can’t make it to Coachella this year, why not hang around the city and partake in Fauxchella 2012? Coined by the cheeky gents at Spinning Platters, Fauxchella refers to all of the Coachella slated bands who venture up north to San Francisco before, after, and this year, in between Coachella weekends.

Catch some of the most amazing bands right here in your hometown, where the weather is mild and lovely, and the venues have real bathrooms with toilet paper (most of the time) with actual flushing toilets! Sounds like a perfectly perfect alternative to us. We highly recommend The Big Pink with New Diplomat on Sunday April 15th at Great American Music Hall and Fanfarlo on Tuesday April 17th at Slim’s — (hint: we’re giving away a pair of FREE tickets to both). Check out Do 415 for a complete list of upcoming Fauxchella shows.

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