March 10. 2020 | By Wayne Jessup
Photos by Katy Weaver

Phosphene is back with “Spiral”, the second single and follow up to “Cocoon”, from their long-awaited new LP Lotus Eaters, due this summer, and the Nest has you covered with the single’s exclusive premiere. Phosphene unleashed their self-titled debut in 2014, following up two years later with the Breaker EP.┬áThe intervening time saw the band, Rachel Frankel, Matt Hemmerich, and Kevin Kaw, track a new LP, transplant themselves from the Bay Area to Portland, and witness the wedding of band principals Matt & Rachel, and Rachel published a book. Whew! But now, it’s all about “Spiral”…

Matt was kind enough to shed some light for us: “Spiral” is a song that revealed itself during a dreary winter day at our practice space in Oakland, CA. Weather always has a subconscious effect on our songwriting, and this tune came from that source. Thematically, “Spiral” is about seeking solace and peace during hard times, whether that’s in the form of an escape with someone dear or reconnecting with nature. We aren’t an overtly political band, but this song came about after the 2016 election, so lines like “this world run by cartoons” reflected the state of affairs.”

“We recorded “Spiral” in July 2018 with Greg Francis, who engineered, mixed, and co-produced this single. Although Rachel, Kevin and I had already written this song, Greg encouraged the use of synthesizers to create a dreamier atmosphere. He even contributed synth to the outro! We obviously loved the way it all turned out as those additions amplified the emotion of the song”.

“Spiral” is available now as a single, and as part of their forthcoming LP Lotus Eaters, due in June. The band does all their own artwork as well, and it’s an intrinsic part of their identity.

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